Wetenschappelijk artikel van de voorzitter

Voorzitter van de SHK, Jaus Muller, heeft een wetenschappelijk artikel geschreven dat onlangs is gepubliceerd in het International Journal of Military History and Historiography.


Vanwege copyright mogen we het artikel helaas niet integraal op de site zetten, maar voor wie het wil lezen is het te vinden door hier te klikken.



In 1974, the Netherlands became the first country in the world that no longer forbade gay men from joining the military. It took other Western countries much longer to do the same. From the outside, therefore, it looked as though the liberal country of the Netherlands took a leading position in 1974 regarding the inclusion of people with different sexual orientations in the military. That does not mean, however, that gay service members had an easy time after 1974. The situation hardly changed for the better. This article argues that the dominant view of the Netherlands as a liberal country that was the first to allow gay people into the army in 1974 is in need of revision.