Welcome to our website. We are the LHBT+ foundation of the Dutch Ministry of Defence.
(in dutch: SHK)


The foundation is an independent volunteer organisation within the Dutch Ministry of Defence, that supports LHBT+ colleagues within the Ministry. We as boardmembers (military and civilian) of the foundation and employees of the Ministry, want to protect all that we as a nation cherish, both inside and outside our organisation. We fight daily for a better world of freedom, equality and security, because we believe that everyone has the right to live in such a world. Therefor the board (with its connected network) takes a leading role in the continuous development, awarenesses and enhancement of the (social) security and equality of LHBT+ personal of the Dutch Ministry of Defence. 


The foundation (SHK) originated from a 'working group homosexuality" which was founded in 1980 and which was part of a Dutch LHBT+ intrest group (COC). In 1987, a number of officers decided to establish the Homosexuality and Armed Forces Foundation (SHK). The foundation received both national and international attention because the SHK was the first foundation in the world to discuss homosexuality in the armed forces. Since 1987 much has been achieved and improved for LHBT+ colleagues within the Armed forces, but these acquired improvements still require continuously attention and maintenance in order to maintain the obtained level of freedom and rights. On a daily bases we see and hear that there is room for improvement. Thats why the board and the attached network is active on maintaining the obtained freedoms and rights and focussing on further improvement for a better and safe working environment for everyone onboard our organisation. For that purpose we stated a mission and vision:



Our mission statement

The LHBT+ Foundation takes a leading role in the continuous development and enhancement of the safety and equality of LHBT+ employees of the Dutch Ministry of Defence (military and civilians).



Our vision statement

We shape our mission by putting LHBT+ interests first and creating awareness in all levels of the organisation through intensive support, cooperation and communication.








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