Welcome to the website of the Foundation for Homosexuality and Armed Forces (SHK). 


The foundation originated from a working group "homosexuality" that was founded in 1980 and was part of the COC. In 1987 a number of officers decided to establish the Foundation for Homosexuality and Armed Forces. The foundation received both national and international attention because the SHK was the first foundation in the world that wanted to discuss homosexuality in the armed forces.


The SHK is a non (politically) partisan volunteer organisation within the Dutch Defence that supports LHBT+ colleagues and their families. With our "Mission & Vision" we hope to contribute to the improvement of (social) security within the Ministry of Defence for LHBT+ colleagues.  


Our mission

The Foundation for Homosexuality and Armed Forces takes a leading role in the continuous development and enhancement of the security and equivalence of LHBT+ employees of the Ministry of Defence, military and civilian.


Our vision

We shape our mission by focusing on LHBT+ interests and creating awareness in all layers of the organisation through intensive support, cooperation and communication.


The board of the foundation focuses on increasing its visibility among the Defence personnel (civilian and military) with the aim of improving the working and living environment of the LHBT+ target group in the broadest sense of the word. We do this by using each other's strengths and differences from within the board and our network, in the knowledge that a diverse target group can only be reached from a board and network that is able to address the target group from different angles.